SOTW Jan-June 2015

Saints of the Week, January – June 2015

Week of 1/04
Elizabeth Ann Seton (Jan. 4)
Founder of the Sisters of Charity, Patron Saint of SCCHS.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineNational Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann SetonSaints.SQPNSt. Elizabeth SetonSisters of Charity

Week of 1/11
John Neumann (Jan. 5)
Patron of Catholic Education.
American CatholicCINCatholic OnlineSaints.SQPNSt. John NeumannWikipedia

Week of 1/18
Francis de Sales (Jan. 24)
Doctor of the Church. Patron of authors, Catholic press, confessors, deaf people, educators, journalists, writers
American CatholicApostolic Letter (Pope Paul VI)Catholic Information NetworkCatholic OnlineChristian Classics Ethereal LibrarySaints.SQPN

Week of 1/25
Thomas Aquinas (Jan. 28)
Doctor of the Church. Patron of schools, students, chastity, lightning, theologians.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic Information NetworkCatholic OnlineInternet Ency. of PhilosophySaints.SQPM

Week of 2/1
Ignatius of Loyola (July 31)
Founder of the Jesuits. Patron of Basques; retreats; soldiers; World Youth Day 2011
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineMedieval Sourcebook: Ignatius Loyola: Spiritual ExercisesSaints.SQPNWikipedia

Week of 2/08
Our Lady of Lourdes (Feb. 11)
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaEWTN: Novena to Our Lady of LourdesEWTN: Our Lady of LourdesLourdes-France.orgWikipedia

Week of 2/15

Week of 2/22
Lawrence (August 10)
AKA Lawrence of Rome. Patron of Rome; Canada; Sri Lanka; chefs; comedians; librarians; students; miners; tanners
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineLeo I: Sermon on St. LawrenceSaints SQPNWikipedia

Week of 3/1
Casimir (March 4)
Patron of Lithuania, Poland; against plague, of bachelors, kings, princes
American CatholicCatholic CultureCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineLives of the SaintsSaints SQPN

Week of 3/08
Colette (March 6)
Founder of the Poor Clares Colettine; Patron against the death of parents, of Corbie, France.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineThe Poor Clares ColettineSaints SQPN

Week of 3/15
Patrick (March 17)
Patron of Ireland, of engineers, against snakes, and of many dioceses around the world.
American CatholicBBC: Christianity: St. PatrickCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineSaints.SQPNSt Patrick

Week of 3/22
Holy Week and Easter EasterAmerican Catholic: EasterCatholic Online: EasterThe Days of Holy EasterHoly WeekHow Stuff Works: EasterWikipedia: Holy WeekWikipedia: Easter

Week of 3/29

Week of 4/5
John Baptist de la Salle (April 7)
Founder of the Christian Brothers (De La Salle Brothers). Patron of: educators, school principals, teachers
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic Information NetworkCatholic OnlineDe La Salle Christian BrothersEWTNSaints.SQPN

Week of 4/12
Blessed Peter Gonzalez (April 14)
Aka Saint Elmo. Dominican priest, court chaplain, patron of sailors
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaSaints.SQPNWikipedia

Week of 4/19
Conrad of Parzham (April 21)
19th century Fransciscan lay brother. Patron of doorkeepers.
American CatholicCatholic OnlineRoman Catholic SaintsSaints SQPN

Week of 4/26
Catherine of Sienna (April 29)
Doctor of the Church. Patron of firefighters, nurses, sick people.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineEWTNPatron SaintsSt. Catherine of Sienna

Week of 5/3
Athanasius (May 2)
aka Athanasius of Alexandria. Bishop, Writer, Doctor of the Church.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic.orgEWTNSaints.SQPN

Week of 5/10
Stephen (Dec. 26)
Martyr. Patron of deacons, bricklayers, stonemasons
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic.orgLives of the SaintsSaints.SQPNWikipedia

Week of 5/17
Bonaventure (July 15)
Bishop, Doctor of the Church; patron against intestinal problems
American CatholicCatholic.orgCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic Information NetworkSaints.SQPNStanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyWikipedia

Week of 5/24
Joan of Arc (May 30)
“Maid of Orleans”. Visionary, martyr. Patron of France, prisoners, soldiers.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineJoan of ArcJoan of Arc ArchiveSaints.SQPNWikipedia

Week of 5/31
Boniface (June 5)
aka Winfrid; Wynfrith. Apostle of Germany. Patron of brewers, tailors, Germany.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic Information NetworkCatholic OnlineMedieval SourcebookSaints.SQPN

Week of 6/7
Anthony of Padua (June 13)
Doctor of the Church. Patron of fishermen, sailors, seekers of lost things, poor people, expectant mothers, Native Americans, against starvation, against shipwrecks.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic Information NetworkCatholic OnlineSaints.SQPN

Week of 6/14
Apollinaris (July 20)
The Apologist, a.k.a. Apollinaris Claudius.
American CatholicCatholic EncyclopediaCatholic OnlineLives of the Saints

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