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General and Miscellaneous Resources

10 Ways Teachers Can Instill a Growth Mindset in Students
A growth mindset …focuses on helping students understand the values of effort, persistence and trying new learning methods… Along with an explanation of the philosophy’s purpose and history, below are 10 ways you can instill a growth mindset in your students.
Annenberg Learner
Nice selection of free educational materials in streaming format. Includes ready-to-view lessons and interactive activities.
Better Lesson: Lessons Plans from Our Master Teachers
The Master Teacher Project is committed to building a body of knowledge around authentic instructional practice. We recruit and select high-performing teachers across the country to share their rich, comprehensive lessons and effective strategies with teachers across the globe.
Bilingual Glossaries and Cognates
These glossaries are to provide permitted testing accommodations of ELL/MLL students. They should also be used for instruction during the school year. These glossaries may be downloaded, printed and disseminated to educators, parents and ELLs/MLLs.
CK-12 – Teachers
CK-12 provides free open-source textbooks with accompanying lessons and review material for STEM and Social Studies topics.
Curriki is an online environment created to support the development and free distribution of world-class educational materials to anyone who needs them.
EDSITE brings online humanities resources from some of the world’s great museums, libraries, cultural institutions, and universities directly to your classroom.
Online articles and lesson materials for teachers. Use the Topic Index to find all articles on a particular topic, or just browse current articles.
Education World
A complete online resource where educators could start each day to find the lesson plans and research materials they were looking for.
GoGuardian: State of Engagement Report
This annual report features an in-depth look at the factors influencing student engagement in K-12 classrooms, based on a teacher survey.
Google Arts & Culture: Learn With Google Arts & Culture
All of Google’s Arts & Culture education materials in one handy place. You can browse the subjects, lesson plans, virtual field trips, art zooms, and mroe at this one site – or use the included Search to find what you want.
Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything
As an educational technologist, I continue to learn each day. When I develop new presentations or explore a new passion, I create a page of resources. This site will serve as the entry point to these resources, ideas, tips, and tricks.
KQED for Educators
KQED Education offers a platform for student discussion and investigation, and teacher professional development. With a focus on amplifying youth voice, making media, civic participation, and richer learning, we provide free standards-aligned content and resources educators can trust.
Library of Congress: Teachers
Lesson plans, activities, links, workshops, and more. Also handy is the Library of Congress list of Classroom Materials section for primary source sets, lesson plans, presentations & activities, and ‘collection connections’.
MERLOT is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students of higher education. Links to online learning materials are collected here along with annotations such as peer reviews and assignments.
MIT OpenCourseWare Educator Initiative
The MIT OpenCourseWare Educator Initiative supports and sustains open education teaching practices at scale. Here you’ll find pathways for discovering, adapting, and sharing the open educational resources (OER) you’ll find on our platforms.
Museums for Digital Learning
Museums for Digital Learning (MDL) offers K-12 educators engaging and authentic curated museum collections and content for the classroom or a home-based study program. All MDL content is free to use and share in the classroom.
National Archives: Education
This is the National Archives’ gateway for resources about primary sources, activities and training for educators and students. Includes activities, lesson plans, national archives links, and more.
National Geographic – Education Resources
National Geographic is where education meets exploration. … Through immersive experiences, interactive lesson plans, maps, and other free resources – there are endless ways to learn with National Geographic.
New Teacher Starter Kit
From “Tech and Learning”, a … regularly updated assortment of resources, tips, and advice from education professionals such as yourself for using edtech, implementing digital tools, navigating technology in the classroom, and just approaching teaching altogether.
New York Times Learning Network
The Learning Network provides teaching and learning materials and ideas based on New York Times content. Teachers can use or adapt our lessons across subject areas and levels. Students can respond to our Opinion questions, take our News Quizzes… and more.
OER Commons
OER Commons is a teaching and learning network of shared materials, from K-12 through college, from algebra to zoology, open to everyone. Includes everything from single lesson plans and worksheets to full courses and textbooks.
PBS Learning Media
Thousands of lesson plans and activities. Includes a search which allows you to match specific state or national standards.
Project Zero’s Thinking Routine Toolbox
While Project Zero did not originate the idea of a thinking routine, a vast array of its work has explored the development of thinking, the concept of thinking dispositions, and the many ways routines can be used to support student learning and thinking across age groups, disciplines, ideals, competencies, and student populations.
Quia – Shared Resources
Teacher-created lesson plans and activities. Other material is also available on the Quia site with payment of a yearly subscription fee.
Share My Lesson
Free lesson sharing, funded by the American Federation of Teachers…. From the beginning, Share My Lesson has been committed to providing our community of members high-quality and effective lessons, useful information to use in the classroom and professional development.
Smithsonian Learning Lab
Support deep, meaningful learning with an online universe of authentic resources and tools for making them your own.
Teacher Planet
Free access to over 10,000 theme-based resources, including lesson plans, templates, rubrics, worksheets, and more. (Lots of ads.)
TeachersFirst is a rich collection of lessons, units, and web resources designed to save teachers time by delivering just what they need in a practical, user-friendly, and ad-free format.
TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing
Build a lesson around any TED-Ed Original, TED Talk or YouTube video. Includes many already created lessons and a selection of videos at their TED-Ed YouTube channel.
Interactive lessons, projects, presentations, & more. Combine all types of digital content and your files to create a lesson Includes large library of lessons already made, ability to integrate quizzes into lessons, and Google integration. (Formerly ‘Blendspace’)

Documents & Primary Sources

America in Class
The National Humanities Center presents America in Class®: primary and secondary resources, webinars, and lessons for history and literature teachers.
American Rhetoric
This award-winning site includes text files, audio, video, and images in sections such as Online Speech Bank, Top 100 Speeches, Movie Speeches, Christian Rhetoric, Rhetoric of 9-11, Speech of the Week, and more.
Avalon Project – Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy
Offers a collection of digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government from ancient times through the present. Hosted by Yale Law School.
Citizen U Primary Source Nexus
Primary source resources and teaching ideas. Derived from Library of Congress sources and nicely arranged for ease of access.
Find & use activities crafted by educators using documents from the National Archives.
Internet History Sourcebooks Project
This is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use. Sources range from ancient to modern. There is also a help page with links to Full Text Sources available.
Historical Text Archive
Hundreds of articles, dozens of books, and thousands of links to historical documents from American and world history.
Internet Sacred Text Archive
The largest freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet.
Library of Congress: Finding Primary Sources
Library of Congress: Getting Started With Primary Sources
Materials and links for finding and using primary sources at the Library of Congress.
National Archives
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is the nation’s record keeper. While not all of the billions of pages kept by the National Archives are available online, quite a few of them are. Videos may also be found at the National Archives YouTube Channel.
National Archives: Teaching With Documents – Lesson Plans
From the National Archives, This section contains reproducible copies of primary documents from the holdings of the National Archives of the United States….
National Geographic – Education
Our redesigned beta website, NatGeoEd.org, offers an expanded and updated library of National Geographic’s popular education content … This beta site is just the first phase of a next-generation website with a wide range of free educational resources that bring geography, science, and social studies to life for educators, learners, and their families.
Presents news articles written at multiple lexile levels for use by students and teachers. Includes ability to create classes and assign texts and quizzes.
Open Culture
Open Culture offers online courses, movies, audio books, ebooks, textbooks, art images, and other materials, all for free.
Opposing Viewpoints
Opposing Viewpoints In Context is a rich resource for debaters and includes pro/con viewpoints, reference articles, interactive maps, infographics, and more. … Periodical content covers current events, news and commentary, economics, environmental issues, political science, and more. (See librarian for password)
proCon’s mission is To promote critical thinking, education, and informed citizenship by presenting the pro and con arguments to controversial issues in a straightforward, nonpartisan, freely accessible way. Offers a section with Teachers Corner with lesson plans and materials on critical thinking.
Project Gutenberg
Project Gutenberg offers over 60,000 free eBooks. Choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. You will find the world’s great literature here, with focus on older works for which copyright has expired.
Voices of Democracy
The Voices of Democracy project promotes the study of great speeches and debates in U.S. history.
Yale University: Primary Sources at Yale
Primary sources can be found in all of Yale’s libraries and museums as well as in online resources. You can browse the collections of those libraries and museums or begin your search with examples of various formats


In addition to its flagship PBS-broadcast series, Art in the Twenty-First Century, Art21 produces short-form documentary series about contemporay art and artists, as well as offering news, a magazine, and materials for educators.
Art History Teaching Resources
Art History Teaching Resources (AHTR) is a peer-populated platform for art history teachers. AHTR is home to a constantly evolving and collectively authored online repository of art history teaching content including, but not limited to, lesson plans, video introductions to museums, book reviews, image clusters, and classroom and museum activities.
Art Resources for Teachers
From icons to soup cans-trawling the Net for Things You Can Use brought to you courtesy of the Reeler Centre at Pinelands High School. A collection on Scoop.it.
Art to Remember: Lesson Plans
Free lesson plans for teachers from PreK to Middle School.
Blick Lesson Plans
Geared for a wide variety of age and skill levels, we offer hundreds of Lesson Plans designed to meet the National Standards for Visual Art Education and bring the value of creativity to any teaching experience. All original. All free. Help yourself!
Incredible Art Department: Files for Art Teachers
This section is a compilation of files that have been shared from art teachers around the world. They come from the Art Education list group and Getty Listserve.
Kennedy Center: Education
Kennedy Center: Education: Digital Resources
For educators looking to infuse the arts into their educational practices, we’ve developed a robust collection of hundreds of digital learning resources: lessons, articles, performance guides, how-tos and much more. And did we mention they’re free? (Formerly ARTSEDGE)
Art lesson plans by medium, technique or discipline. For grades K-8.
The Met: Educators
Foster your students’ learning and your own in workshops and events and with online, print, and other resources.
MoMA: K-12 Teachers
MoMA offers professional development workshops and online resources that will give you tools and tips to guide your students to look closely, discuss art, and think critically.
Museums for Digital Learning
Museums for Digital Learning (MDL) offers K-12 educators engaging and authentic curated museum collections and content for the classroom or a home-based study program. All MDL content is free to use and share in the classroom.
National Gallery of Art: Teachers
Exhibits and lessons teachers can use with their students. Other pages teachers might find handy include an iPad App and an Audio and Video page.

Business & Economics

Banzai: Online Financial Literacy
Banzai is an online financial education platform. It is designed to help students learn by doing. Over 30,000 teachers have joined the program and are supported by hundreds of banks and credit unions nationwide.
The Citi Collection for Financial Capability
From PBS LearningMedia, the 25 resources that comprise the collection conceptually illustrate and practically apply lessons regarding savings, investment, creditworthiness, entrepreneurship, and commerce.
A premier source of classroom-tested, Internet-based economic education lesson plans for K-12 teachers and their students.
Econ Lowdown
From the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, this site includes professional development options for teachers, the ability to create online classes for your students, and over 200 resources / lessons for classroom use, all pegged to the Voluntary National Standards in Economics.
Interactive, game-based lessons designed by experienced educators help you engage students at all grade levels and bring real-world skills to your classroom.
FDIC: Money Smart for Young People
The FDIC’s Money Smart for Young People series consists of four free curriculum products. Each age-appropriate curriculum includes lesson plans for educators along with guides for parents and caregivers.
Federal Reserve Education
Here you can find links to instructional materials and tools that can increase your understanding of the Federal Reserve, economics and financial education. Includes links to other economics education sites.
Free Financial Literacy Curriculum
Backed by several years of success in this field, the NFEC offers financial literacy curriculum for high school students to individuals and organizations around the world. Our solution enables our partners leverage high-quality teaching resources that can be shaped for any audience – regardless of their socioeconomic standing or age.
Next Gen Personal Finance
Next Gen Personal Finance offers a free online curriculum of 65+ complete lessons and 200+ standalone activities you can access from anywhere.

Computers & Technology

9 Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship
How can we teach kids to use technology responsibly when the technology is changing faster than we can keep up? How can we help students — and teachers — understand that good digital citizenship also involves using digital tools to do good things in the world? From ISTE.
Civic Online Reasoning
Students are confused about how to evaluate online information. We all are. The COR curriculum provides free lessons and assessments that help you teach students to evaluate online information that affects them, their communities, and the world. Free from Stanford.
Common Sense Media
Tips, articles, and research materials on Digital Citizenship and related topics for parents and teachers.
Copyright & Creativity for Ethical Digial Citizens
Resources for teaching copyright and fair use with sections for elementary, middle, and high school levels plus professional developmenet resources for educators.
CS First
A free computer science curriculum that makes coding easy to teach and fun to learn. From Google for Education.
Edutopia: Media Literacy
Find and share resources to help students learn to analyze, evaluate, and communicate in a world with countless media sources and constant access to powerful computers.
FBI: Safe Online Surfing
Teachers can sign up to organize activities for their classes; students in grades 3-8 can jump in on their own with the free online safety games/quizzes.
Hour of Code
The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 45 languages for all ages.
InCtrl is a series of free standards-based lessons that teach key digital citizenship concepts. These lessons, for students in grades 4-8, are designed to engage students through inquiry-based activities, and collaborative and creative opportunities.
Microsoft MakeCode
Microsoft MakeCode is a free, open source platform for creating engaging computer science learning experiences that support a progression path into real-world programming.
Teach and learn practical digital skills
Free videos lessons for teachers, students, and independent learners, from Google for Education.

English & Literature

C3WP (College, Career, and Community Writers Program)
C3WP is an intensive professional development program that provides teachers with instructional resources and formative assessment tools for the teaching of evidence-based argument writing. There are a number of free materials on this site.
Center for Media & Social Impact
Focusing on independent, documentary and public media, the Center bridges boundaries between scholars, producers and communication practitioners across media production, media impact, public policy, and audience engagement.
Browse our free collection of news articles, poems, short stories, and historical documents for grades 5-12. Assign text-dependent questions to hold students accountable for high-level reading and writing. Analyze student performance and compare class reports on key reading and writing skills. Offers free curriculum and supplementary materials as well.
Developing Writers: A Workshop for High School Teachers
A video workshop for grade 9-12 writing and language arts teachers, consisting of eight video programs, a print guide, and this Web site. (c.2017)
Folger Shakespeare library: Teach and Learn
Lesson plans and other resources for teachers.
Lesson Writer
Free tool for creating English language lessons around a pasted selection of text.
Home to one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of digital and media literacy resources.
Free learning tools on media literacy and our First Amendment freedoms.
NoRedInk.com is a web-based learning platform that helps students improve their grammar and writing skills. (Freemium.)
Project Look Sharp
Project Look Sharp is a media literacy initiative of Ithaca College to provide materials, training and support for the effective integration of media literacy with critical thinking into classroom curricula at all education levels.
Quill provides free writing and grammar activities for elementary, middle, and high school students.
ReadWorks offers a FREE library of content, curriculum, and tools for bridging the gap between research and practice in reading comprehension instruction.
Read Write Think
Our mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials. Includes lesson plans, printables, activities.
Scriviners’ Trappings
A Scoop.it page gathering aids and resources for writers and teachers of writing.
Shakespeare Uncovered
This thematic collection — which adheres to national learning standards — contains video segments from the series, informational texts, discussion questions, and suggestions for extension activities to enhance your students’ reading, viewing, and appreciation of Shakespeare’s works.
Teaching Books
Lesson plans and resources for educators on thousands of titles.
Teaching Poetry Through Rap Music and Lyrics
I created this lesson to teach ten basic poetry and literary elements to high school students … Includes link to the TED Talk Hip-Hop & Shakespeare? which inspired part of the lesson.


6 Good Apps to Write Math Equations
These apps are useful for writing, editing and viewing math formula whether they are simple or complex. Some of the tools integrate with Google Docs or MS Office to make editing equations even easier.
Annenberg Learner: Mathematics
Lessons, news, interactives, and more for math teachers.
ClassPad.net features an easy-to-use interface that supports arithmetic, graphing, geometry and statistics. Free for educational use.
The Concord Consortium – STEM Resource Finder
Our STEM Resource Finder is a central repository for our simulations and activities, giving teachers and students access to open educational resources across our projects, past and present. There is also a page to help you Find Your Path through the NGSS.
The Educator’s Guide to Applying Real-World Math: 15 Resources with over 100 Lesson Plans
Links to lesson plans for teachers from Kindergarten through 12th grade.
ExploreLearning Gizmos
Our award winning library of Gizmos make difficult math and science topics easier to teach and to learn.
From the NCTM. Illuminations is designed to: Provide Standards-based resources that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students. … Illuminations is part of the prestigious MarcoPolo Internet Content for the Classroom program.
Khan Academy – Math (videos)
Thousands of free videos on algebra. geometry, trigonometry, calculus, finance, statistics, probability, economics, physics, SAT prep, GMAT prep and more… Also available at YouTube.
Math-Drills.com includes over 58 thousand free math worksheets that may be used to help students learn math. Our PDF math worksheets are available on a broad range of topics including number sense, arithmetic, pre-algebra, geometry, measurement, money concepts and much more.
MathFLIX = 1000 FREE instructional math movies covering a wide range of math concepts including Number & Operations, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Data Analysis & Probability, Connections and Technology. In addition to MathFLIX’s valuable video resources, the site also features 400 downloadable worksheets that reinforce concepts and provide valuable practice.
Math Whiteboard
Shareable online whiteboard free for math students and teachers.
Blog from a former high school math teacher. Older materials may be found at dy/dan.
Mathematics in Movies
This is a collection of movie clips in which Mathematics appears. Includes both older and newer examples.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
A library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, mostly in the form of Java applets, for mathematics instruction (K-12 emphasis). Requires Java.
NCTM: Classroom Resources
We are teachers, mathematicians, researchers, students, and parents using the power of the Web to learn math and improve math education. We offer a wealth of problems and puzzles; online mentoring; research; team problem solving; collaborations; and professional development.
PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations
Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET project at the University of Colorado.
Math Warehouse
Math Warehouse has lessons and tools for high school math topics, worksheets, gifs, games, and more. Especially notable are the graphics and interactive animations.

Performing Arts

Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences: Teacher’s Guide Series
A series of teacher’s guides that explore the art and science of motion pictures. The activities are designed to … teach valuable lessons in critical thinking and creative writing, and to develop visual literacy skills.
Best Free Music Lessons and Activities
These free online music lessons, activities, and apps will bring the joy of music into any classroom.
BTG Lesson Plans and Theatre Games
Downloadable PDFs from the Broadway Teaching Group.
Educational Resources for Music Teachers
Some Helpful Educational Resources for Music Teachers
The first is a list of apps for music teachers and students, organized by platform; the second is of websites. From the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning blog.
Kennedy Center: Education
Kennedy Center: Education: Digital Resources
For educators looking to infuse the arts into their educational practices, we’ve developed a robust collection of hundreds of digital learning resources: lessons, articles, performance guides, how-tos and much more. And did we mention they’re free? (Formerly ARTSEDGE)
Music Teachers and More
Resources and teaching ideas for music teachers in South Africa from the Reeler Centre at Pinelands High School. A Scoop.it collection.
Online lessons and interactive training modules for learning music theory.
The Story of Movies
An interdisciplinary curriculum introducing students to classic cinema and the classic, historical and artistic significance of film.
Theatrefolk Blog
Articles on acting, directing, classroom exercises, classroom management, and more. Site also offers Free Resources for High School and Middle School Theatre Teachers

Science - General

The Concord Consortium – STEM Resource Finder
Our STEM Resource Finder is a central repository for our simulations and activities, giving teachers and students access to open educational resources across our projects, past and present. There is also a page to help you Find Your Path through the NGSS.
ENGAGE Project
ENGAGE focuses on a more inquiry-based methodology, which gives students opportunity for self-expression and responsibility for coming to informed decisions. (Formerly ‘Science UPD8’)
Explore Learning: Gizmos
Gizmos are interactive math and science virtual labs and simulations for grades 3-12. Over 400 Gizmos aligned to the latest standards help educators bring powerful new STEM learning experiences to the classroom.
Free interactive science simulation written by JavaScript Simulates various natural phenomena Includes about Physics, Chemistry, Earth, Astronomy, Biology, Measurment, Mathmatics…
Khan Academy
Free videos on algebra. geometry, trigonometry, calculus, finance, statistics, probability, economics, physics, SAT prep, GMAT prep and more…. Many Khan Academy materials are also available on YouTube
Videos, simulations, and interactive activities for the sciences.
MIT OpenCourseWare – Teachers
Our goal is to make it easy for you to find resources you can use to inspire your students. Topics included are AP Bio, AP Physics, and AP Calculus.
Molecular Workbench
Molecular Workbench (MW) provides visual, interactive computational experiments for teaching and learning science. Hundreds of Free Simulations. Explore physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology with interactive simulations.
National Geographic – Education
Bring National Geographic resources into your classroom. Includes both classroom and professional development materials.
National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
NSDL is the nation’s online portal for education and research on learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
NSTA: Disabilities Resources
Science teachers now have the opportunity to unlock the scientist in every student by identifying and fostering each child’s strengths while also attending to their challenges. This website provides strategies and resources for making science accessible for all students, including those with disabilities.
The goals of OpenSciEd are to ensure any science teacher, anywhere, can access and download freely available, high quality, locally adaptable full-course materials. This is a fairly new project, begun with some middle-school materials, and planning to expand to the other grades later.
PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations
Fun, interactive, research-based simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET project at the University of Colorado.
PUMAS: Practical Uses of Math and Science
A collection of one-page examples of how math and science topics taught in K-12 classes can be used in interesting settings, including everyday life.
Science Friday
Site of the weekly science talk show on NPR. With archives, streaming audio, teaching materials, and a discussion forum.
Science in the Classroom
(SitC) is a collection of annotated research papers and accompanying teaching materials designed to help students understand the structure and workings of professional scientific research.
Science Journal (Android, iPhone)
Using the Arduino Science Journal app, turn your phone into a pocket science laboratory with tools to measure light, motion, sound and more. (Formerly with Google)
Science Learning Hub
From New Zealand, activities and articles teachers can use with K-12 students, plus webinars and other materials just for teachers.
Science NetLinks
Providing a wealth of resources for K-12 science educators, Science NetLinks is your guide to meaningful standards-based Internet experiences for students.
Science Notebook Corner
Keeping a notebook can help your students think and act like scientists. Sample our easy-to-implement strategies and lessons to bring science notebooking into your classroom.
Science Resources for Teachers
From black holes to the physics of footballs…good stuff from the Net to use in your class, courtesy of the Reeler Centre at Pinelands High School. A collection on Scoop.it.
Stanford NGSS Integrated Curriculum & Assessment
This 6th, 7th, and 8th grade curriculum aligns to the California Integrated model in which earth and space science, life science, physical science and/or engineering are integrated within each curriculum unit.
Excellent resource for science teachers and their students. Includes Research Modules for science teachers, with information, news, experiments, images, quizzes, links, and more.
WISE: Web-based Inquiry Science Environment
Provides lessons and support materials for teachers to use with their classes.

Science - Biology

Biodiversity Counts
From the American Museum of Natural History, This resource collection takes students into the field and engages them in life science research: the inventory of plants and arthropods outside their own backdoors.
The Biology Corner
The Biology Corner is a resource site for biology and science teachers. The Lesson Plans section contains classroom activities, labs and worksheets, feel free to change any of these to suit your own classroom needs.
Biology Resources for Teachers
Rhinos, DNA, biomimicry and more-bringing the richness of the Net to your class, courtesy of the Reeler Centre at Pinelands High School. On Scoop.it.
Nature Lab
Nature Lab is The Nature Conservancy’s youth curriculum platform. Includes videos, teacher guides, and virtual field trips.
NIH – Science Education
Material for teachers from the National Institutes of Health. Includes lesson plans, exhibits, multimedia, newspapers, photos, and more.
Shape of Life
FREE, short classroom videos that beautifully explore the evolution of the animal kingdom on planet earth. … You’ll also find a rich selection of NGSS aligned materials including lesson plans, readings, illustrations and activities….
A wealth of resources and information aimed at helping educators bring genetics, bioscience and health alive in the classroom.

Science - Chemistry

American Chemical Society: High School Chemistry Education Resources
Resources for chemistry teachers.
A collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, and concepts tests which can be incorporated into a variety of teaching approaches as pre-labs, alternatives to textbook homework, and in-class activities for individuals or teams.
Compound Interest
Compound Interest is a site that aims to take a closer look at the chemical compounds we come across on a day-to-day basis, explaining them with easy-to-understand graphics.
Concept Builders: Chemistry
From The Physics Classroom, a section for Chemistry teachers. Each Concept Builder focuses the learner’s attention upon a discrete learning outcome. Questions target that outcome from a variety of angles using multiple difficulty levels or varying activities.
Royal Society of Chemistry: Teaching Resources
A U.K.-based site with activities and resources for students and teachers from primary through university levels, a Periodic Table with links to further resources, and more.
Chem 1 Virtual Textbook
This “reference text” is intended to serve either as a supplement to a regular textbook or as a substitute for one. (2018)

Science - Earth and Space Science

Earth Viewer
From molten mass to snowball earth, EarthViewer lets you see continents grow and shift as you scroll through billions of years. Additional layers let you and your students explore changes in atmospheric composition, temperature, biodiversity, day length, and solar luminosity over deep time. (web, mobile)
Environmental Education Lesson Plans
From the New York State Department of Environment Conservation, lesson plans for teachers from PreK through grade 12.
Geography Resources for Teachers
Climate change, urban renewal, typhoons, land redistribution: enjoy this selection of material courtesy of the Reeler Centre at Pinelands High School. Scoop.it collection.
Geology.com: Teaching Earth Science
Here is a list of teacher resources that can easily be modified and incorporated into the earth science classroom.
Geological Society – Resources
Geology resources for students, teachers and anyone interested in the Earth from the British Geological Society.
High-Adventure Science
Free modules on earth science which can be used by a teacher or assigned to a class.
NASA eClips
NASA eClips™ are short, relevant educational video segments. These videos inspire and engage students, helping them see real world connections.
NASA Precipitation Education
Covers the water cycle, weather & climate, technology, and societal applications, with materials for teachers sorted by type and grade level.
NASA STEM Engagement
Links to various education and curriculum related materials.
NESTA – National Earth Science Teachers Association
NESTA, a non-profit organization, supports K-12 educators in their efforts to mentor, guide, and instruct all students. Site includes teaching and professional development resources.
Teaching Geoscience with Visualizations
Collections, links, datasets, teaching activities, and more.
USGS – Educational Resources
Tap into over 140 years of USGS research in the natural sciences in the form of lesson plans and activities, maps, podcasts, online lectures, videos and animations, and much more. Browse thousands of ideas for using these resources in elementary, secondary, university, and informal education settings.

Science - Engineering

Architecture Activities to Help You Address NGSS Engineering Standards
Teaching the engineering section in the Next Generation Science Standards has posed a challenge for many science teachers. Architecture activities can help connect them to other science concepts.
JPL: NGSS Engineering in the Classroom
These ideas make up the essential elements of the Engineering Design Process (PDF) — a process by which engineers, and now students, identify a problem, design and build a solution, test the solution, and improve on their design. From NASA/JPL.
NASA: Engineering Units and Lessons for Grades 7-9
A selection of units from NASA’s “Summer of Innovation” project in 2013.
NASA: STEM Engagement
Activities and opportunities selected by NASA STEM experts.
National Science Foundation: Engineering Classroom Resources
This collection of lessons, activities, and web resources aims to help educators, students, and students’ families learn more about engineering.
Teach Engineering
The TeachEngineering collection provides educators with *free* access to a growing curricular resource of multi-week units, lessons, activities and living labs.
Try Engineering – Teachers Archive
TryEngineering offers a variety of lesson plans that align with education standards to allow teachers and students to apply engineering principles in the classroom.
Utah Engineering – Lesson Plans
The following lesson plans and presentations present modern applications for science, math, and engineering to students.

Science - Physics

Animations and Models
Bad Physics
These pages are pretty old, but many of their points still apply:

This is a network of free online resource collections supporting faculty, students, and teachers in Physics and Astronomy Education.
Fizzics Education: Free Resources
From an Australian site for physics teachers, a selection of free reources includes science experiments, podcasts, articles, and trivia.
Molecular Workbench – Physics Activities
About three dozen physics animations.
The Physics Classroom
The Physics Classroom is an online, free to use physics website developed primarily for beginning physics students and their teachers. The website features a variety of sections intended to support both teachers and students in the tasks of learning and teaching physics.
National Science Foundation: Physics Classroom Resources
This collection of lessons and web resources is aimed at classroom teachers, their students, and students’ families.
Click on one of the physics simulations below… you’ll see them animating in real time, and be able to interact with them by dragging objects or changing parameters like gravity.
Practical Physics
Practical Physics is a collection of experiments that demonstrate a wide range of physical concepts and processes. These resources are for the use of teachers of physics in schools and colleges.

Social Studies

AllSides for Schools
AllSides for Schools gives educators tools, resources, information, and curricular guidance to help students build skills in news literacy, bias awareness, critical thinking, and conversation across difference.
America in Class
The National Humanities Center presents America in Class®: primary and secondary resources, webinars, and lessons for history and literature teachers.
American Historical Association – Classroom Materials
Part of the AHA’s Teaching Resources, these pages include primary sources, rubrics, teaching modules, backgrounders, and other materials.
Annenberg Classroom: Free Classroom Resources for Reaching the Constitution
Annenberg Classroom’s free resources include over 65 videos on constitutional concepts and Supreme Court cases as well as games, lesson plans, timelines, downloadable books, a glossary, and a Constitution guide.
Calisphere: a world of primary sources and more
Calisphere is your gateway to digital collections from California’s great libraries, archives, and museums. Discover over 2,100,000 images, texts, and recordings. Includes materials for teachers.
Case Maker
Geared for 6th through 8th grade classrooms, Case Maker features twenty pre-made civics challenges that teachers can share with their students, or customize and annotate specifically for your needs.
Center for Civic Education
This site includes a number of quality civics pages, including the daily 60-Second Civics podcast and quiz, numerous teaching resouces, and other materials.
Churchill Archive for Schools
Churchill Archive for Schools provides an extensive range of classroom-ready resources written by leading history teachers to help build students’ skills and confidence in using primary sources. Further archives and teacher materials are available for free registration.
Civics 101: A Podcast
Podcasts about various topics relating to civics and government. Each episode includes a written transcript, and further resources are available for many episodes such as graphic organizers, lesson plans, and quizzes for each set of topics.
Civil Rights: Then and Now
This collection of videos, documents, and primary sources lends context to the events and leaders that defined the Civil Rights Movement’s first three decades (1954-1985). These resources also capture the issues and activists involved in the struggle today—those making headlines, stirring debate, and trending on social media.
Browse our free collection of news articles, poems, short stories, and historical documents for grades 5-12. Assign text-dependent questions to hold students accountable for high-level reading and writing. Analyze student performance and compare class reports on key reading and writing skills. Offers free curriculum and supplementary materials as well.
Consider the Source New York
Primary source materials, guides, and resources from the New York State Archives.
Constitutional Rights Foundation: Curriculum Materials
Free materials on topics in World History, USA History, and Government. Each includes bibliography and list of further resources, discussion ideas, and activity suggestions.
C-Span Classroom
Free resources on civics and U.S. government and politics for teachers. Some resources require free registration.
C-SPAN Classroom: Judicial Branch and Supreme Court Cases
Videos, bell ringers, and lesson plans about “The Process and Structure of the Judicial Branch”, “Judicial Interpretation”, “Supreme Court Cases”, and the “History of the Supreme Court”.
Access thousands of primary sources — letters, photographs, speeches, posters, maps, videos, and other document types — spanning the course of American history…. Borrow from an ever-expanding collection of document-based activities created by the National Archives, and teachers around the world.
EDSITEment includes numerous lesson plans and other resources for teachers, including numerous offerings for History, US History, and World History topics.
Facing History and Ourselves
We help students learn about hatred and bigotry so they can stop them from happening in the future.
Freedom on the Move: Educators
Freedom on the Move is a searchable database of fugitives from North American slavery…. we’ve created four lessons you can use to bring the ads to life and introduce students to the brave people who resisted slavery by running away.
Geo History
A site … where you will find map animation videos summarizing historical subjects in a neutral and comprehensive manner. Our videos are relatively short, and aim to provide a global understanding of complex subjects.
Hispanic Heritage and History in the United States Teaching Guide
Our Teacher’s Guide brings together resources created during NEH Summer Seminars and Institutes, lesson plans for K-12 classrooms, and think pieces on events and experiences across Hispanic history and heritage. From EDSITEment.
History PowerPoints for Teachers
PowerPoints for AP US History, AP European History, and World History from teacher Tom Richey. Free to use and modify as long as the original credit is retained. Also available at YouTube.
iCivics exists to engage students in meaningful civic learning. We provide teachers well-written, inventive, and free resources that enhance their practice and inspire their classrooms.
Ken Burns in the Classroom
Videos, clips, documents, lesson plans, media gallery and more for teachers wishing to use these primary sources and documentaries based on them in their classroom.
National Archives: Teaching With Documents
This site includes information about using documents in teaching, with links to tools and lesson plans.
New American History
This site includes blog posts, lesson plans, interactive atlas, and snippets with links to articles about various issues in American history and culture. Users can browse by era or location, or view editions of the website top stories by month of publication, or dive directly into the articles, atlas, or lesson plans.
Project Look Sharp
Teaching kits for social studies media issues such as ‘Media Construction of the Middle East’, ‘Media Construction of War’, and ‘Media Construction of Presidential Campaigns’.
Smithsonian: Educator Resources
A wealth of resources and digital tools support inquiry-based learning and active engagement to spark creativity and curiosity.
Stanford History Education Group
SHEG seeks to improve education by conducting research, working with school districts, and reaching directly into classrooms with free materials for teachers and students.
Teaching American History
Learn more about American history by going back to the original source documents, from the founding through the 20th century and beyond. Also includes section of lesson plans and audio lectures.
Teaching Central America
Teaching for Change offers free downloadable lessons, bios, and poetry and prose from Central American writers…
Designed to help K-12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom. (Not updated for a while.)
World 101
Understand the issues, forces, and actors that shape our world…. Through its entertaining, interactive story-telling, World101 makes complex international relations and foreign policy issues accessible to learners both inside and outside formal academic settings.
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